In a world dominated by magical thinking, superstition and misinformation, give yourself the benefit of doubt. This is one skeptic's view of the Universe; natural wonders and supernatural blunders.

"Tell people there’s an invisible man in the sky who created the universe, and the vast majority believe you. Tell them the paint is wet, and they have to touch it to be sure."

-George Carlin

“If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed”.

-Albert Einstein

“Skeptical scrutiny is the means, in both science and religion, by which deep thoughts can be winnowed from deep nonsense.”

-Carl Sagan

The person who is certain, and who claims divine warrant for his certainty, belongs now to the infancy of our species. It may be a long farewell, but it has begun and, like all farewells, should not be protracted.

-Christopher Hitchens


The only position that leaves me with no cognitive dissonance is atheism. It is not a creed. Death is certain, replacing both the siren-song of Paradise and the dread of Hell. Life on this earth, with all its mystery and beauty and pain, is then to be lived far more intensely: we stumble and get up, we are sad, confident, insecure, feel loneliness and joy and love. There is nothing more; but I want nothing more.

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This is a fucking beautiful quote. I almost forgot about it. <3 you Hitchens

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‘Republicanity’—The GOP Transformation is Nearly Complete


Let’s just face the facts and not kid ourselves anymore. Yes, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee… er, tea: The Republican Party is no longer a political party—it’s a full-fledged religious movement. The political ideology fueling this movement is religious to the core; and while it might be easiest to label the religious element “Christian,” that designation is too broad and generous for the true complexities at work here…


Great essay!

I am approached with the most opposite opinions and advice, and that by religious men, who are equally certain that they represent the Divine will. I am sure that either the one or the other class is mistaken in that belief, and perhaps in some respects both. I hope it will not be irreverent for me to say that if it is probable that God would reveal his will to others, on a point so connected with my duty, it might be supposed he would reveal it directly to me; for, unless I am more deceived in myself than I often am, it is my earnest desire to know the will of Providence in this matter. And if I can learn what it is I will do it! These are not, however, the days of miracles, and I suppose it will be granted that I am not to expect a direct revelation. I must study the plain physical facts of the case, ascertain what is possible and learn what appears to be wise and right.

Abraham Lincoln
September 13, 1862

Lincoln, just one of our Atheist presidents.

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ACLU, AU Tells the Army That They Must Approve Atheist Festival


The Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, ACLU, and ACLU North Carolina, and are rallying around the Rock Beyond Belief festival. They delivered an impressive letter to Secretary of the Army, and officials at Fort Bragg yesterday, which you can read here [pdf].

They have already recovered hundreds of pages of documents relating to the evangelical Christian festival from 2010, known as Rock the Fort. Their stated goal was to convert as many Soldiers, family members, and members of the public to (their particular version of) Christianity. The festival cost nearly $100,000 in a complicated web of U.S. Government controlled funding. It was advertised in a 90 mile radius, and expected to evangelize 10,000 people.

AU explains:

After studying the documents and doing additional research into military rules, the three groups have determined that officials at Fort Bragg violated several Department of Defense regulations by supporting Rock the Fort.

“Supporting an event designed to increase membership in Christian churches cannot be squared with [Army] regulations, much less with the First Amendment,” observes the letter. “Furthermore, based on the Army’s own admissions, it is clear that Fort Bragg officials engaged in substantial co-sponsorship and support of Rock the Fort – support that cannot plausibly be deemed ‘incidental.’”


What pisses me off is the fact that this is even an issue when the US government isn’t supposed to be in the business of supporting religious beliefs.

Here you have our military, our fucking military backing a particular faith.

To me, this kind of shit seems awfully dangerous, and I’m not sure why who ever lets shit like this happens thinks it’s okay when we clearly have laws against it.

It’s basically saying they can do what ever the fuck they want because god is on their side.

It’s supposed to be liberty and justice for all, not liberty and justice for religious people only.


I Feel Sorry For Believers - What They Accept

A look at some hilarious quotes and non-sequiturs that must still be accepted with this follow up to what religious people have to believe.



‘Rick Perry to Host Hate Group-Funded Prayer Summit’ (To read the story, click image or here; For a related video, click here

THIS FUCKING GUY. Upon reading the article, I am filled with an urge to defecate.


‘Rick Perry to Host Hate Group-Funded Prayer Summit’ (To read the story, click image or here; For a related video, click here

THIS FUCKING GUY. Upon reading the article, I am filled with an urge to defecate.

People of all faiths need to remember these Four Great Religious Truths:


1. Muslims do not recognize Jews as God’s chosen people.

2. Jews do not recognize Christ as the Messiah.

3. Protestants do not recognize the Pope as the leader of the Christian world.

4. Baptists do not recognize each other at Hooters or the Liquor store.