In a world dominated by magical thinking, superstition and misinformation, give yourself the benefit of doubt. This is one skeptic's view of the Universe; natural wonders and supernatural blunders.

"Tell people there’s an invisible man in the sky who created the universe, and the vast majority believe you. Tell them the paint is wet, and they have to touch it to be sure."

-George Carlin

“If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed”.

-Albert Einstein

“Skeptical scrutiny is the means, in both science and religion, by which deep thoughts can be winnowed from deep nonsense.”

-Carl Sagan

The person who is certain, and who claims divine warrant for his certainty, belongs now to the infancy of our species. It may be a long farewell, but it has begun and, like all farewells, should not be protracted.

-Christopher Hitchens


We have run out of time… This was an extraordinarily fair deal. If it was unbalanced, it was unbalanced in the direction of not enough revenue. It is hard to understand why Speaker Boehner would walk away from this kind of deal. I’ve been left at the altar now a couple of times. And I think that one of the questions that the Republican Party’s going to have to ask itself is, can they say yes to anything?

So far I have not seen the capacity of the House Republicans in particular to make those tough decisions. And so then the question becomes, where’s the leadership, or alternatively, how serious are you actually about debt and deficit reduction, or do you simply want it as a campaign ploy going into the next elections?

President Barack Obama, responding to House Speaker John Boehner’s abrupt withdrawal from talks on a debt ceiling increase. He has summoned congressional leaders to the White House on Saturday to sketch out a new plan before the Aug. 2 deadline.

The dispute resulted from Obama and other Democrats asking that some of the deal included expiration of tax subsidizes for corporations and the top 1% of Americans. Republicans claim voters don’t want any tax increases (actually expiration of subsidies) or the debt ceiling to be raised.


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Shorter Excerpts: Breaking: John Boehner now officially worlds most flagrant douchebag.



In case you missed it this scrotumface walked away from debt talks for no good reason.

Consumer culture 101: tax hikes for billionaires won’t wreck the economy because billionaires don’t create jobs, working class people being able to buy things creates jobs. Consumer culture breaks when consumers can’t consume.

And remember, a lot of those billionaires got paid for “rescuing” banks that got $16 Trillion (with a T) in sweetheart loans/free money from the Fed. Give me 0% loans that I can sell back to you for 3-5% and I could make a ton of money too, and I didn’t even go to Wharton Business school. But we can’t raise taxes on those guys…



“One of the questions the Republican Party is gonna have to ask itself is: can they say yes to anything? Can they say yes to anything?” - President Obama

It’s the Teaparty Republicans vs. the rest of America.



“One of the questions the Republican Party is gonna have to ask itself is: can they say yes to anything? Can they say yes to anything?” - President Obama

It’s the Teaparty Republicans vs. the rest of America.

Sounds like Eric Cantor got a time-out from the principal today


John Cole explains why Cantor saw one thing while EVERYONE ELSE IN THE ROOM SAW SOMETHING ELSE:

There is a reason Cantor saw this:

President Barack Obama “abruptly” walked out of today’s White House meeting with legislative leaders on the federal deficit, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor told reporters.

And everyone else saw this:

Democrats offered a different characterization of the meeting and that exchange, though House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) told The Hill that the “gravity of the challenge” that confronts negotiators “was weighing certainly on the president.”

[…] “He stayed for two and a half hours and listened to what members had to say. It was his meeting and the meeting had come to an end,” she said.

“The president could not have been more gracious. I have never seen a president spend so much time with the leadership of Congress day in and day out, respectful of their concerns,” Pelosi added.

[…] “Obama was concluding the meeting giving the closing remarks and talking about meeting tomorrow, Cantor interrupted him and raised for the third time doing a short-term, and Obama shut him down,” the aide said. “Cantor was playing the role he’s been playing throughout this whole thing – being not productive.”

The reason the “YOU LIE” Republicans see things differently and simply can not control themselves around this President? Uppity.


I think we are all waiting for the president to reach the end of his bargaining rope and realize that he can and should draw his line in the sand and defend it to the people if need be. This is the most exiting thing Obama has done for some time now.

Eric, don’t call my bluff. I’m going to the American people on this. This process is confirming what the American people think is the worst about Washington: that everyone is more interested in posturing, political positioning, and protecting their base, than in resolving real problems